An ka taa: Media and resources for Manding

Toolbox Series: Online resources for African Studies.

An ka taa is an initiative by Coleman Donaldson (University of Hamburg) to offer modern educational media, resources and lessons for current and emergent speakers of Manding (and related varieties such as Bambara, Jula, Malinké, Mandinka) and to assisst in learning or using one of Africa’s most important languages.

It features a Manding (Bambara/Jula) Dictionary with a French and English index.

It also features Na baro kè (‘Come chat’), a free online video series of transcribed and translated street-side “chats” using a multi-tiered subtitle format: 1) normative Manding in N’ko (ߒߞߏ) script; 2) Manding in Latin script; 3) an English translation; and 4) a French translation

The website also features an extensive list of resources, including links to a learning app, maps, texts, corpora, websites, radio broadcasts as well as typing tools for N'ko and Ajami.

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