Lecture: Fieldwork in Violent and Dangerous Places

Toolbox series on online resources for African Studies.

Lecture "Fieldwork in Violent and Dangerous Places" by Morten Bøås, Social Science Research Council, 2021.

This lecture, Fieldwork in Violent and Dangerous Places by Morten Bøås was delivered at the joint African Peacebuilding Network (APN) / Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa (Next Gen) virtual research methods training workshop for the 2020 cohort and published by the Social Science Research Council in March 2021.

It is very much a view from the Global North (which of course has its own violent and dangerous places) and is best read together with the Bukavu Series online exhibition (also presented here at the Toolbox) which also explores the power dynamics between researchers from the Global North and the Global South, but from a Congolese perspective. The Series is a visual extension of the Silent Voices Blog: Bukavu Series, which discusses how knowledge is produced across academia and the ethical issues that arise from conducting research in conflict sites.

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